booming southeastern Zhe▓jiang Province, which ended on Tuesday, Li visited textile fac▓tories,

  • the 7th Meeting of th

    electric machinery companies and high-tech e▓nterp

    e Standing Co▓mmi

    rises to get a first-hand assessment of enterprise r

    ttee of the Sixth Nation

    eform amid a new domestic and international market

    al People's Congre

    climate. During visits to Wenzhou-based enterprises

  • ss on Septem▓ber 20,

    including garment producer Fapai Group and lighte

    1984, revised at t

    r maker Rifeng, Li said the overall Chinese economy

    he 20th Meeting of the S

    was fundamentally in good shape and China was conf

    tanding Committee

    ident of keeping its economy growing▓ steadily and

of the Ninth Nat

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r, he said,

ional People's Congress on F

  • ebruary 28, 2001) CONTENT

the global economic slowdown and imported inflation were h▓aving an increasing impact on the economy and the country should take aggressive measures to deal with such challenges. To better unde

  • SChapter I General P

rstand the▓ pact between China and New Zealand we talk with Rod MacKenzie, the Group Managing Director of North Asia, New Zealand Trade & Enterprise, on new opportunities it brings both to co

  • rovisionsChapter II Control

untries. The heads of centrally-adm▓inistered state-owned enterprises (SOEs) would be penalized in the▓ir annual work evaluations following major accidents, sa▓id a senior official in Beijing o

  • over Drug Manufacturer

n Tuesday.That would also apply to those trying to cover up accidents, said Huang Shuhe, deputy director of the State-owned Assets Supervision and▓ Administration Commission of the State Counci

  • sChapter III Control over Drug Dis

l.Annual reviews are linked to compensation for SOE a▓dministrators, but Huang didn't specify the monetary impact of violations.The▓ administration has pledged to handle work safety issues with

  • tributorsChapter IV Control over

an "iron fist," as some central SOEs continued to have poor work-safety records this year. In the first 11 months of this year, central SOEs had 33 major work accidents (down eight from last▓


year) that killed 192 employees (down six).SOEs involved in the construction industry had the ▓w

orst record with

in Medical InstitutionsChap

25 accidents, equal to last year's record, and 150 deaths, a rise

of 42.9 perce

VI Control over

nt.Huang urged central SOEs to invest more in production safety an

d set aside spec

l over Drug Pricing ▓and Ad

ial funds for the purpose."If the funds are found insufficient, we

of DrugsChapter IX Legal Liab

will deduct the amount due▓ from the chief


s' annual bonus to fill

REVEhapter X

the gap," he said."Those wh▓o don't pay enough attention to safety, we won't let them feel safe either. Those who don't treat people's lives seriously, we won't treat th

Supplementary P


eir politica▓l prospects seri

y calls for cautio

ously either," he noted.He sai

us use of de

d his administration would start to build a safety emergen

cy center next year to step up supervision over hidden safet

y threats.China has more than 150 central SOEs working in al

tention, arrest of e

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